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How to Choose an Effective Language Teacher

As with any journey you may take in life, learning a foreign language requires a starting point. As you make your plans, keep it exciting and fulfilling. Hence, you see studying a foreign language in your future, look into these tips before selecting a language teacher:


A native speaker is not automatically qualified to teach his mother tongue. A qualified language teacher is one with at least one university degree plus special training in teaching the target language. Talking to a tourist is a good way to practice and enjoy the language, but that does not mean you will actually learn from the conversation.

You can even in fact pick up this buy’s bad language habits!

Your Needs

Sure, you can learn to parrot a thousand typical phrases in a matter of two months, but will you find that useful in dealing with your business clients?
The language teacher should be able to provide advice on what’s best for you. Remember, a good language teacher will never demand anything from you and will even be happy to adjust to you. “One course fits all” is a myth when it comes to language courses.


Usually, we hear about teachers talking about how much they hate their work, or how tired they are teaching the same things repeatedly. When searching for a language teacher, look for enthusiasm and drive, an attitude that transmits positive energy and passion towards your way. It should be fun to learn a foreign language!


The saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true in terms of language classes. If someone is charging an unbelievably low rate, maybe it’s because they’re not really qualified or they’re goign to surprise you with some type of catch. On the other hand, you don’t automatically learn best from the most expensive teacher or course. It’s mainly a balancing act, and with some serious research, you will be able to master it.

Educational Comments

A good language teacher will always ask their students what they think about the course, how satisfied they are with it, and if they have any suggestions to improve the outcome of their classes. Similarly, they will also give students comments or feedback about their progress. If they don’t really do this, feel free to ask!

Personal Chemistry

Lastly, look for a language teacher you can get along with. It’s hard – if at all possible – to learn from someone whose personality you don’t even like. You’ll only be wasting your time as well as the teacher’s, not to mention your money.

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